Do You Need A Workers Compensation Attorney?

In case you are a worker facing some injury or other health problems, you may need a worker’s compensation attorney. You may not realize it but your backache or respiratory problems may be a direct result of your work conditions or even the kind of work that you are expected to do. While you can independently file a claim for compensation, enlisting the services of an attorney will ensure that you get your rightful due.


Workers compensation is a benefit system designed to help workers that are sick or have suffered injuries due to their working conditions. As is the case with most legal issues, laws are complex and are different from state to state. Often the management exercises considerable clout and can influence the judgment. It is therefore of immense value to hire a worker’s compensation attorney that knows the system and can work it in your favor.


Most workers do not even realize that they need a worker’s comp attorney. They fail to make the connection between their deteriorating health condition and the place where they work. In many cases, workers are made to feel thankful for small sums of money that the management gives out not realizing that they are entitled to much more. What is required is more widespread awareness of rights and the legal recourses that workers can opt for. Some of the cases in which you should consider hiring a worker’s compensation attorney are given below:


- You are unable to decide if the extent of the injury warrants a claim or if there have been such similar cases in the past. For minor injuries that will heal, there is usually no compensation and a legal battle can spoil your relationship with your employer needlessly. A workers compensation attorney can decide if your case has sufficient merit to go to court or needs to be just settled amicably with your employer.


- Your claim has been accepted but you have not received the correct or total amount that you asked for. While there could be an instance of injustice, it could also be the simple matter or a legal constraint that you do not know of – lawyers are well versed in these matters and could advise you on how to proceed.


- You feel that you are being targeted unjustly or are being harassed by your employer for having filed a claim. These cases are common but you need the help of a Los Angeles workers compensation attorneys to know what you should be doing or not doing to help your case.


Most lawyers do not charge anything for consultation and many take a percentage of the win as fees. This makes the process completely risk free for the worker. So if you think that you are not getting your due, it is a good idea to approach a LA workers comp attorney at the earliest to discuss the details and get justice.


This column is for general information in answer to questions and may not apply in every situation. You should consult with competent professionals for the appropriate answers in any areas. This column is not intended to initiate any attorney-client relationship.