What A Work Injury Lawyer Can Do For You


Every year, many work injury lawyers help hundreds of victims to get fair compensation. No-Fault Worker’s Compensation Program in California aims at providing financial help to workers who get injured on the job. This program also covers medical care for such accident victims.


California State Law has provisions wherein employers need to buy insurance to provide compensation to their employees. This insurance ideally covers medical care expenditure and lost wages among others benefits. Unfortunately, just and adequate payment is given only in a few cases. Most of the times, a third party insurer handles such compensation cases and they in their quest for making more profits either deny or limit the claim amount. In such a scenario, one should consult a work injury lawyer in Los Angeles. Such professionals are armed with the knowledge and skill to help you get justice and a fair compensation.


Workers compensation lawyers can help you to get you the right compensation that you are entitled. Some cases where a work injury lawyer can help you are: injury resulting from an accident as a consequence of assigned or regular duty, back problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, mental health issues, stress-related problems, heart attacks, illnesses or strokes. These problems can be a consequence of the inadequate health standards maintained by your employer at your workplace.


Some people might ask a question; why not hire a personal injury lawyer for such cases? Trouble is that California allows only contingency fee payment and limits the amount a personal injury lawyer can ask for. Therefore, finding a good personal injury lawyer is therefore far more difficult than finding a good work injury lawyer. Moreover, LA work injury lawyers are expert professionals who have expertise in handling worker’s injury cases in California.


If you work for a California employer, it is required under the California’s Workers Compensation Act that your employer insures the safety of its employees. Anyone who gets injured on duty is eligible for workers compensation benefits. However, it also limits the employer’s and co workers’ liability.


It is therefore advisable that the services of a reliable work injury lawyer be sought to handle such cases. Such a professional will help you get compensation that will not only include medical bills and lost wages but also any expenditure incurred as a consequence of the injury.


People who find themselves incapacitated for their former position can claim training money for whatever new skills they need to learn. In addition, compensation may also be claimed for any long term rehabilitation expense.


If your injury is contracted due to your employer’s negligence, then you must consult a work injury lawyer to handle your case. Such professionals help you claim benefits like state and city retirement disability, social security disability, short term and long term supplemental disability among other benefits.


Do not rely upon your employer and insurance company to make a fair settlement. Los Angeles workers compensation lawyers have the skills and know how to get you a fair compensation. Our firm has the expertise and experience to handle such claims. We have expert LA work injury lawyers who can handle your claim efficiently while you concentrate on recovering your health. 


This column is for general information in answer to questions and may not apply in every situation. You should consult with competent professionals for the appropriate answers in any areas. This column is not intended to initiate any attorney-client relationship.