Our History

We are attorneys practicing for four decades doing solely Workers’ Compensation. Our partners, associates, and staff handle some of the largest cases in California, without the publicity that many attorneys seek. This doesn’t mean we don’t have the largest verdicts against the County of Los Angeles and other entities.

What do we handle? We handle all legitimate cases:

·       Physical injury, i.e., a back injury from lifting, bending, stooping.

·       A mental or emotional injury, harassment, verbal, physical, or sexual.

·       Overuse – these are called cumulative trauma injuries; repetitive injuries from using your hands or arms all day long. This includes all parts of the body.

·       Internal injuries, i.e., heart attacks, strokes, abdominal problems, ulcers.

·       While driving a vehicle for work, which can cause physical or emotional problems.

·       Death cases – people who die as a result of industrial injury, exposure to chemicals.


Our office is V-rated. We are Super Lawyers, Best Lawyers. If you want the job done, come to the best. We will continue to give you the best representation in Workers’ Compensation.