Why Should You Consult a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer?


You may not think you need the expertise of a worker’s compensation lawyer after contracting an injury or illness on or because of your job. The insurance company is cooperative, your medical expenses are taken care of, treatment is good and well, you are getting better, right?


Think again. This is not the case too often or at most may be only at the start. The scenario, sadly enough, is quite different in actuality. Even straightforward injuries need follow up. There may be further illness as a consequence of this one. What about the lost time and wages? Please remember that though they are cooperative at the onset of a case, it is not an insurance company’s job to hand out fat compensation checks. They are in the business to make a profit. This can only be achieved by denying claims and paying as little as possible in compensation when they compulsorily have to.


Do not leave yourself at the mercy of your employer and the insurance company. With time and unforeseen complications, they become less cooperative. Victims rarely receive adequate compensation. In such cases, a worker’s compensation lawyer can better your chances of getting justice.


Los Angeles workers compensation lawyers work within California laws to ensure that you get fair compensation. They fight for job protection as well as for an amount that adequately covers medical treatment and lost wages. They’ll ensure a fair evaluation of your medical needs as is often not the case with insurance companies. Get a good lawyer who specializes in worker's compensation claims, and you can receive the full amount you are entitled to.


All employees should know their rights that they are entitled to when they meet with an accident/illness at the work place, as a consequence of their assigned work.


A worker’s compensation lawyer will explain the details to you before you file the case. In such cases your entitlement stretches further than immediate treatment expenses. Compensation may also be given for wages lost during the treatment and recovery and even in some cases for long-term rehabilitation. There are cases where illness or injury keeps a person from returning to their former position. For such a situation, an employee may be entitled to new training expenses and wages lost till he finds a new job. There are also cases where people are never able to return to work. People get fired when they file compensation cases against employers. Finding another job also becomes difficult for such people. A good worker’s compensation lawyer will fight for a sum that adequately compensates for all of the above.


Do not count on your employer and insurance company to do justice to you. An expert lawyer from a reliable firm is what you need. An experienced law firm like that of Berkowitz & Cohen could be your ticket to fair compensation. With years of experience and many successful cases behind them you can’t do better than them when looking for an worker’s compensation lawyer.


This column is for general information in answer to questions and may not apply in every situation. You should consult with competent professionals for the appropriate answers in any areas. This column is not intended to initiate any attorney-client relationship.